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Weizmann Institute Study Demonstrates Behavioral Changes After Olfactory ‘Sleep Learning’ על פי מחקר חדש במכון וייצמן, לימוד דרך חוש הריח בזמן שינה גורם לשינויים התנהגותיים

A new study at Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot shows that olfactory conditioning during sleep can affect changes in behavior. Published today in The Journal of Neuroscience, Dr. Anat Arzi of Prof. Noam Sobel‘s Olfaction Research group presented cigarette smokers who ...

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Scientists at Weizmann Develop Adaptive Optics Microscope that Focuses Through Thick Layers מדענים בויצמן המציאו מיקרוסקופ עם אופטיקה מסתגלת המסוגלת להתמקד דרך שכבות עבות

Study of diseased tissue and biological samples through a microscope can often be complicated by multiple layers of surrounding tissues. The resulting image may be too distorted to be of any value. Although there are modern microscopes that compensate for this using fluorescent ...

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