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Syqe Medical Helps Standardize Therapeutic Cannabis המצאה של סאיקי מדיקל בע"מ מספקת מינון סטנדרטי של קנאביס טיפולי

Many physicians hesitate to prescribe medical marijuana for pain relief because of its variability in efficiency, largely due to current dosage techniques. Tel Aviv-based Syqe Medical is giving these doctors a new option: more fine-tuned control over their patients’ marijuana dosages – in packaging less likely to be distributed on the black market.

The company has developed an inhaler that vaporizes metered doses of cannabis, allowing efficient relief from pain without psychoactive effects. Furthermore, feedback technology allows the doctor to more closely monitor the patient’s response and needs.

“We are directly manipulating the human psyche in a very precise manner,” CEO Perry Davidson told the Wall Street Journal. “A physician could prescribe a custom-tailored, individualized treatment for that patient, and not have a hit or a miss, but a very close hit on the accurate dosing that the patient required.”

A Phase Ia clinical study showed little variation in pharmacokinetics between patients, “achieving pharmaceutical standards for inhaled drugs.”

According to the WSJ, Syqe has received $1M in funding over the past three years from the Office of the Chief Scientist in the Israeli government. The company hopes to test the inhalers in Israeli hospitals after collecting $10-15M from investors. They have predicted growth in the U.S. market by 8 times to reach $10 billion in the next 5 years.

“We see it as a challenge,’’ said Mr. Davidson. “If we can unlock it…we believe that we can finally bring cannabis as a mainstream drug, and have physicians be comfortable using it.”



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