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OurCrowd Launches Campaign to Showcase Israeli Innovation משיק מבצע כדי להציג חדשנות ישראלית OurCrowd

OurCrowd, one of the world’s largest equity-based crowdfunding platforms, has recently launched a campaign to showcase some of the innovative ideas that have originated in Israel. In addition to highlighting Israel’s vast achievements, another premise of the What’s Your Big Idea? initiative is to encourage the community to follow through with their great inspirations and allow these ideas to mature into products and services that will change the world.

By showcasing some of the world-changing ideas that have sprouted from Israel throughout the years, OurCrowd wishes to inspire others to share these ideas in order to inspire their own. Sharing one idea might enable another to establish the finishing touches on their big thought, or signal to someone with dream-enabling resources that there’s a great idea out there. Through images, podcasts, videos, and text, we’re going to be posting with a purpose; to inspire your passion.

Founded in February 2013, OurCrowd allows accredited investors the opportunity to invest in Israeli startups while allowing them the freedom to handpick the investments that are of interest to them. Because of the company’s stringent process of selecting investments, there is a reduction of risk for those wishing to enter the Israeli investment arena. It is also the first fund to require its Israeli companies to donate equity to a charitable cause, passing on further benefit to the community.

Visit the campaign online at israelideas.com.



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