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Doctors at Rambam Hospital Implant 3-D Printed Jaw in Wounded Syrian Man לסת שהודפסה במדפסת תלת-ממד הושתלה בפצוע סורי בבית החולים רמב״ם

Rambam Medical Center in Haifa has announced the successful implantation of a 3D-printed titanium jaw in a 23-year-old Syrian man after a bullet from his country’s civil war had left his completely destroyed. Ashdod-based AB Dental provided the metal “bone” at ...

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Integrity Applications, Inc. Announces Completion Of Successful $8.5 Million Equity Financing אינטגריטי אפליקיישנס בע"מ מכריז על השלמת גיוס מוצלח של $8.5 מיליון הון העצמי

Integrity Applications, Inc., developer of the GlucoTrack noninvasive blood glucose monitor, has raised $1,647,450 through a private sale of 1,647.45 ‘units’ of preferred stock and stock options. The company has raised a total of $8.5 million through the sale of 8,500 ‘units’ ...

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Mazor Robotics Reports Orders for Six Renaissance Systems During the Fourth Quarter of 2014 מזור רובוטיקה מדווחת על הזמנות לשש מערכות רנסנס במהלך הרבעון הרביעי של 2014

Mazor Robotics Ltd., developer of robotic surgical guidance systems, announced that the company received six orders for Renaissance spine surgery systems in fourth quarter 2014. Completion of these agreements did not occur by the end of the year and as a ...

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IonMed Plasma Tissue Welding Receives CE Mark Clearance ריתוך הרקמת פלזמה של איונמד בע"מ קיבל אישור באירופה

IonMed announced today that the Yokneam-based company has received CE mark clearance for a cold plasma biowelding device that connects tissues post-surgically, signifying that the product meets EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements. The BioWeld1 system couples a cold plasma jet with a proprietary ...

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Mazor Robotics Promotes Christopher Prentice To CEO Of Its US Subsidiary מזור רובוטיקה מקדמת כריסטופר פרנטיס למנכ"ל החברה הבת בארה"ב

Mazor Robotics Ltd. (TASE:MZOR, NASDAQ:MZOR) of Caesarea has promoted Christopher Prentice, SVP America & Global Marketing, to CEO of its United States subsidiary, Mazor Robotics, Inc. He will report directly to Ori Hadomi, CEO of the parent company, who made the following statement: ...

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Beta-O2 Technologies Ltd. Receives Grant from JDRF to Advance Clinical Development of Bio-Artificial Pancreas בטא-02 טכנולוגיות בע"מ קבל מענק כדי לקדם את הפיתוח קליני של לבלב ביו-מלאכותי

Patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D) may be able to look forward to a life without frequent glucose tests and insulin injections. Israeli biomedical company Beta-O2 Technologies Ltd. has announced that the company received a $500K grant from global diabetes organization JDRF ...

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