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Chiasma Raising Millions Despite Roche Collaboration Debacle כיאזמה גייסה מיליוני דולרים למרות קריסתו של שיתוף הפעולה המתוכנן עם רוש

Jerusalem-based Chiasma has raised $33.8 million of a proposed $56.3 million round, despite cancellation of an approximately $595 million deal with global biotech Roche last summer. New funds were provided by a portfolio of investors including MPM Capital, Abingworth, 7-Med Health Ventures LP, ARCH Venture Partners and F2 and F3 Ventures. Chiasma has shown promise as a ...

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NeuroDerm Share Prices Soar After Positive Results in Phase IIa Parkinson’s Trial המניה של נוירודרם הוכפל לאור תוצאות ניסוי לטיפול בפרקינסון

Rehovot-based NeuroDerm Ltd. (NASDAQ: NDRM) ended 2014 on a high note as it saw its share price more than double following announcement of positive results in a Phase IIa Parkinson’s drug trial. According to the company, administration of a continuous subcutaneous high-level dose of ...

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