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About BIO972

BIO972 is an online community-driven organization providing news, market intelligence, recruitment opportunities and other resources to help life science professionals in Israel strengthen and enhance their potential for success while improving the world with their advancements. The community serves as a link to accelerate communication and discovery between academia, industry, venture capitalists, government officials and other key stakeholders across the globe.

Members of our community gain meaningful access to influential drivers across all major life science sectors, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices, mobile health, agriculture and biorenewable energy. BIO972 also provides a range of initiatives in group savings, professional network building and talent development.

Israel contains the perfect ecosystem for life science innovation due to its notably collaborative ambition, world-class research institutions and strong foundation for startup creation and development. Through its outreach, BIO972 educates the public about new advances and discoveries within our community while increasing global awareness of the life science industry in Israel.

BIO972 is a place for the Israeli life sciences community to come together, make connections and conspire to ensure collective growth and achievement. Connect your company or organization to the network today…we look forward to having you join the conversation!